Dinner by Heston Blumenthal

Could it possibly justify the hype? God knows, but the world has been on tenterhooks for long enough about the shape and size and, above all, the food of the latest restaurant excursion of Heston Blumenthal, not so much the wunderkind of British restaurateuring as its Grand Old Man. It’s true that he has a […]

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Tabasco Sauce – Cool Hot Stuff

Is it possible to imagine a world without Tabasco sauce? Oysters without a drop to sharpen them up? Bloody Marys without the zing? Creole shrimp without the warmth. Salsas without the beat? Betty Grable’s Spanish hash? Or Pat Nixon’s corn soufflé? No Tabasco to bring zip and heat to a dull dish? I can’t. Tabasco […]

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Is there a simpler pudding in the lexicon than posset? Just three ingredients – lemon, sugar and double cream. Just one short cooking process – bringing the cream to boil. Then all you do is add the sugar – 150g to every 500ml of double cream – and the citrus juice – from three lemons […]

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Porky Scratchings

There’s been a bit of a fuss about crisps recently, and it’s true that we lead the world in crisp technology and sophistication. But as far as I’m concerned, the crisp is yesterday’s nibble of choice. The jaded crisp-eater reaches for the nearest packet of pork scratchings. I arrived at this state a few years […]

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Anna del Conte

The last time I had seen Anna del Conte had been on Market Kitchen (Good Food Channel), which for a short, golden, glorious period I helped co-present with Tom Parker Bowles, among others. In the course of our item with Anna, Tom threw a chilli at me for reasons best known to himself. It missed […]

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