Belly Laugh

You learn the oddest things along the way. Apparently the real reason why pork belly is so expensive these days is not because chefs have suddenly taken such a liking to it (although it is cropping up all over the shop as the cheap cut of choice). Nor is it because they’re all being exported to China, although I believe a certain amount are, for the Chinese love belly pork even more than I do. No, it is because they are being rendered down to be used as bio-fuel. I’ve always had a suspicion that there was something dodgy about the whole concept of bio-fuel. Soon we will all be cruising around in cars powered by pig fat. Personally, I’d rather have the pig’s bellies to eat, and travel by bicycle. Short distances, anyway.

2 thoughts on “Belly Laugh

  1. I am surprised to hear pork belly has increased in price but then again I buy it very infrequently. So many of my friends refuse to eat it, particularly friends of the female variety… Funnily enough my sole fellow pork belly eater grew up being fed by two parents from Hong Kong.

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