Lekue Steam Case

Every kitchen has a gadget drawer or  box into which those impulse buys, the product of sporadic fits of ill-considered enthusiasm, used once, twice perhaps, and then consigned to history. I’m afraid that the Lekue Steam Case will join that sad and motley collection.

To completely factual about this, I did not buy it. Some kindly soul sent it to me and asked me to try it out, which I have done.

The Lekue Steam Case is made from one of those space age materials, platinum silicone, whatever that might be. It comes in cheerful, Teletubby colours, and has the floppy, rubberised texture of kelp. The makers say that it can withstand temperatures ranging from -60C to 220C, and I see no reason to doubt them, and it’s easy to use. The question is, why would you?

The pitch is that this is a bright, novel, contemporary way to steam food, thus preserving most of the nutritional goodness of the whatever is being steamed. It works equally well in a conventional oven and a microwave. The case comes with a 127 page booklet telling all about it, and giving dozens of recipes, none of which I tried. I thought I’d keep my tests  simple, and see how  it fared with, say,  cooking asparagus, Swiss chard and a little bit of cod from Iceland (sustainable and sustaining).

I don’t have a microwave, so I had to turn on the oven to 200C as instructed, and wait for that to heat up. While that was going on, I put each ingredient, into the Steam Case with the specified amount of water, and popped it into the heated oven for what I judged to be the right time. It was a bit hit and miss, because the booklet didn’t cover asparagus, Swiss chard or cod, but never mind.

My conclusions were that the Steam Case performed perfectly adequately and it’s easy to wash, but

  1. It doesn’t do anything my orthodox steamer doesn’t do.
  2. And it does it less efficiently.
  3. And it’s an expensive way to cook if you have to heat up an oven to 200C every time you want to use it.
  4. It’s pretty inconvenient if you’ve only got one oven, and you want to cook anything else in it.
  5. And nothing seemed to fit inside that easily. It always took a bit of trimming, pushing and shoving before I could close the lid.

The Steam Case does come in different sizes costing between £12 and £20. Things should be easier with a larger case, and it would certainly work better with a microwave.

Basically, the Steam Case belongs to that class of I-don’t-really-have-time-to-cook cooking, which uses no-brain, supermarket –prepared, neat, ready pealed, trimmed and chopped ingredients

The Lekue Steam Case may suit you. Personally, it’s one for the useless gadget drawer.

7 thoughts on “Lekue Steam Case

  1. Lekue is the best thing since sliced bread, since obviously you are a luddite and can’t enjoy the very tasty convenience it delivers when using it to in a microwave then that’s your loss but please do not put down a product just because you don’t know how to use it. Your ridiculous statement of it being expensive because every time you use Lekue you turn your oven on to 220C then like I said that’s your problem, get a microwave and join us in the 21st century.

  2. I’m a bit surprised by this review, it sounds like you didn’t want to like it, so you didn’t. I don’t know about your Steamer but mine’s pretty big and takes up a lot of valuable counter space. Getting it out of the cupboard every time is a right pain so it either stays out and takes up space or stays in and doesn’t get used. I’d see this as much handier and am about to order one. I’m also thinking it’d be brilliant for lunches at work…in the microwave.

  3. I have one of these and its fantastic, the reviewer seems lazy to me and if they’d bothered trying it out in a microwave (I know they mention they didn’t have one) I’m sure the review would have gone from being very dull to being dull…

    Don’t be put off by a lazy review!!!

  4. I do not own one of these, and though I’m more than happy to take the time chopping and seasoning (I do almost every night with my basic steamer) I don’t think this product is worth it’s cost or hype, since to get the one the size I’d like for maximum usage and ease would be the larger family sized one which would cost me more than the upgrade to my current steamer. The energy required to cook my food in my steamer too is substantially less and more efficient than my oven. I do not own a microwave, but I don’t want to buy one simply to be able to use this and I have no other need for it. Coupled with the fact I doubt the larger steamer would fit in a standard sized microwavable oven. So I don’t hate the product for sure, but I do see the point the reviewer here makes and overall, I’m inclined to give it a pass. That said, if I want to roast something, I WOULD be interested in something like this, just for the ease of cleaning afterwards. Does anyone know if this improves the speed of cooking in the oven by any chance? Because that would be a huge selling point for me.

  5. I will admit that it’s good for those who don’t have much time, or in my case, no access to an oven. I’m in college and trying to eat healthy, and find that my steam case has been instrumental in helping me do that since I got it last year. It’s also great for cooking for one, because most recipes I’ve seen for a regular steamer are for multiple people.

    1. Yes, I own one of the smaller ones for 1-2 people. I bring raw chicken breast with carrots and broccoli to work (I have a small fridg), and they are cooked and ready to eat in about 6 minutes in the microwave. The veggies are done wonderfully and the chicken is cooked. It’s not browned as it would be in the oven but we don’t have an oven at work neither do we have the time. The use of this encourages me to eat my veggies more often. I’m ready to try winter squash next!

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