Potato Salad with Colatura di Alici

The idea was given to me by Silvestro Greco,assessore all’Ambiente of the Regione Calabria, says John It’s his brainchild There’s no real recipe. you just boil the potatoes, mash them with extra virgin olive oil and chopped flat-leaf parsley, let them cool and dress them with the colatura di alici (garum).

You may have some difficulty in laying your hands on authentic neo-classical Italian Colatura di Alici. Use Nam Pla, the Vietnamese fish sauce, instead. It doesn’t have the balance and oomph of the Italian stuff, but it’s pretty yummy in its own right, and it’s available in most well-conducted supermarkets as well as Asian delis.

4 thoughts on “Potato Salad with Colatura di Alici

  1. Whilst colatura di alici is super duper stuff … can I venture to say that, in the heat of summer, diced boiled potatoes drizzled with a bit (actually rather a lot) of olive oil, a sprinkling of coarse sea salt, freshly milled pepper and plenty of flat-leaf parsley … served at room temperature (not cold) … constitutes one of the most ‘sophisticated’ of simple dishes. Amazingly more-ish for such simple fare …

  2. Does anyone know where you can buy Colatura di Alici in the UK? After trying just about every Italian deli in London (and getting quite a few blank looks!) I ended up ordering some from Italy on the internet, not the cheapest way to buy a single bottle.

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