Gooseberry & blackcurrant compote with mint

Summertime. Or is it?  The living ain’t easy, the fish aren’t jumping and it’s cool and wet here today. Still, the gooseberries (Red Duke , a dusty purple, and deliciously sweet,  Leveller, classic, glassy green, and a touch tarter) are ready for picking, and the blackcurrants (The Raven), too. There aren’t very many blackcurrant – the bushes are in their first yea – so I shoved some in with the Red Duke when I popped them into a pan, along with the remains of my elderflower champagne. The result was pleasing in colour and full-bodied flavour, quite sharp and refreshing. I decided that mint would make in even more summery, which it did. All I need now is warmth and sunshine.

Serves 4

750g gooseberries

150g blackcurrants

85 sugar

50 ml elderflower cordial

2 sprigs mint


Put all the ingredients except for the mint into a saucepan and cook until the gooseberries and blackcurrants have begun to beak down. Crush them lightly with a fork, and cool down. Just before serving, strip the leaves off the mint sprigs and chop not too small. Stir into the compote and refresh those parts that other summer puddings can’t get close too.

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