And other veg

It hasn’t been the easiest of seasons in Gloucestershire. Weird weather. My usual incompetence and absentmindedness, various distractions all made for a rather uneven year. The wonder of veg is that they seem happy enough to get on with the job of growing in spite of my lack of attention. Zucchini I made reference in […]

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Chard, zucchini & tomato pie

 I first came across this idea in Michel Guerard’s imperishable Cuisine Minceur first published in France in – yikes – 1976 – and in Britain in 1977. I have made very minor changes, principally adding the zucchini because I had some Zucchini Romanesco, which are No 1 in the courgettes flavour stakes and which keep […]

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Tomato Blush

In a rash moment I promised to share  the bounty of my tomato harvest with the world, and give pronouncements on their tastes, textures and general fitness for salads, frying, saucing or just popping into the mouth. Oh, hubris. The fact is that my tomatoes have been a complete catastrophe this year. Well, almost complete. […]

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