Q. We are advised not to re-freeze thawed frozen food. Is it safe to freeze soup made with stock from the freezer?

A. The British Frozen Food Associations (http://www.thenewiceage.com) advises not to on the grounds that ‘that each time foods are prepared germs can enter the foods and each time these foods are frozen at home, the germs are preserved with the food. Soup is often heated between servings (as opposed to cooked between servings) and this can encourage bacteria to grow – if the soup is then put in the freezer, these germs will be preserved along with the soup.’ I think they’re being ultra-careful here, and the general consensus is that there’s no reason why you shouldn’t, as long as you take reasonable care – ie don’t reheat the soup 2 or 3 times before freezing and re-heating to boiling point when you do unfreeze it. Freezing affects the cell structures of those foods with cell walls – meats, fish especially and vegetables – causing the tissues to leak valuable fluids rich in nutrients of various kinds, In the case of soup, even if it contains proteins or vegetables, any fluids will simply leak into the surrounding liquid. .

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