Sicily Unpacked

Perhaps it’s a bit late in the day to draw anyone’s attention to it, but at last a tv series about food that manages to be perceptive, informative and diverting (aside from the Great British Menu, of course). Sicily Unpacked (9pm Friday; BBC2) is like eavesdropping on the company of two bonkers enthusiasts, who actually like each other, who have a genuine rapport, who, miracle of miracles, really speak the language of the country they are traveling round, and who are packed with different knowledge which they want to show to the other. It is a delicious and intelligent exploration of that fascinating island’s extraordinary culture and beauty. And I say this through clenched teeth because I always thought that I should be the chap to express Sicily’s fascination to the outside world, having been in love with the place for over thirty years and written a book, – Sweet Honey, Bitter Lemons based on a series of voyages on a Vespa I made there -. I wouldn’t be half as good as this hirsute duo. I hope they can do the same for mainland Italy now.

9 thoughts on “Sicily Unpacked

  1. Wonder if it will reach New Zealand? You should have done that programme as we still love that book of yours here. I” buy it for everyone going to Sicily. I would go back to eat at Pino Cuttaia’s restaurant in a heart beat.

  2. Never too late to draw anyone’s attention to such a brilliant series … hope your idea of Andrew and Giorgio doing another series on mainland Italy is followed up … they are such a great team: intelligent, funny and great together. I’ve written about this series on my blog and am busy cooking up Sicilian!

  3. I read your Sicily book on my trip there and loved it; your descripition of ‘sausage epiphany’ made me laugh in particular. Fond memories of Modica and also using the Sicilian from the book to order horsemeat steak in Catania! This series doesn’t seem to be on TV iplayer but will catch this friday’s episode

  4. I’ve booked a Classic Sicily tour on the strength of the programme and can’t wait to go there. Am really enjoying the programme and was in fact alerted to it by Excess Baggage R4. BTW It is on iPlayer

  5. I agree, it’s been a lovely series, watched the last two episodes this evening. I hope they do more, there seems to be a genuine rapport between the two of them. You also get to see a different side to Giorgio that you don’t get on his cookery shows, slightly calmer!

  6. I have just read Sweet Honey, Bitter Lemons… a wonderful and informative read.
    I will be visiting Sicily with my wife in May_unfortunately not travelling with Monica!
    Reading the book and watching Giorgio and Andrews programme has really whet my apetite for the trip.
    Is it possible to provide a list of recommended eateries on the Island as sampling the food will be one of the key objectives of the trip?

  7. I live in Sicily, and I’m reading your book at the moment. I loved your story about the rival sausage makers – I hope you don’t mind that I quoted it in a post on my blog. I have heard good things about the Sicily Unpacked and would love to watch it, especially having recently read Giorgio Locatelli’s Made in Sicily, but I’m not sure there’s a way to watch it here. Thanks for an interesting post, it’s good to discover your blog!

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