What’s the problem?

Have you ever got half-way through a plate of something, and thought ‘I’m not sure that that this is such a good idea?’ I don’t mean because it tastes vile, but because the collateral damage it’s causing to your companions, self-esteem. clothing or teeth or all four. There used to be a Malaysian restaurant in […]

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What to Eat by Joanna Blythman

Joanna Blythman is a national treasure, and I don’t care which nation we’re talking about. Technically she may be Scottish, but we should all cherish her. She is the keeper of the nation’s food conscience, and has been for a couple decades. She writes with passion and clarity. She knows better than anyone, the baroque […]

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Dilou’s Lemon Tart

One kind of lemon tart has become a common place of menus all over the country, great thick, globby, rich, custardy things, with an acid kick to them. This model was popularized, oh, years ago. Since then, it has taken root, been deemed a classic, a pudding to be admired, loved, downed on every possible […]

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Toasting sesame seeds

Q. When I’m toasting sesame seeds how do I stop them jumping all over the place? It happens whether I use a frying pan or the grill. A. Are you cooking them over a medium high heat, and shaking them or stirring them as they change colour? If that doesn’t tame them, you could try […]

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Circotherm Ovens

Q. I have always used a gas oven, but now I have an electric one with a bewildering number of oven settings – circotherm, circotherm intensive, bread baking, top/bottom heat, bottom heat, circo-roasting…..- and I’m never sure which to use. The handbook is not very comprehensive. What would you recommend for, say Yorkshire puddings, victoria […]

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