The Sportsman

It was a slip sole, just a slip sole, slim and elegant, glistening with seaweed butter. No sauce, no veg, no micro-herbs, nothing to distract from the individual beauty of the fish. The flesh was taut and dense, almost muscular. Its flavour had a pure sweetness. The butter carried a faint nutty richness through which […]

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Pitt Cue

The night was wet and Pitt Cue was full. Full as in crowded, heaving, bulging at the seams. People were being turned away from the door. I only just squeaked in because I am very small and I was on my own. I also raised the average age there by about 20 years. I don’t […]

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That Sicilian Dinner

I started cooking at 9.15 am. The last course went off at 10.25pm. I got to bed at 2.30am. And aside from a bit of a nerve tonic at about midday, I was preparing my Sicilian dinner in the kitchens of Quo Vadis in Soho the whole time. The whole time. Not a single moment […]

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