Report from the veg patch war zone

Damme, it’s been a tricky year. Germination has been a nightmare – I’ve had to resow carrots 3 times, peas 4 times, some broad beans twice. I strongly suspect mice have Ben making free with them. The bloody birds have played havoc with the miscuglio lettuce seeds,either eating the seeds or tearing the infant leaves asunder. Slugs and snails have mullahed the tender shoots of French beans. And top it all off precious, nurtured cucumber plants have taken to dying for no discernible reasons. If it weren’t for that splendid butter head lettuce, Grosse Paresseeuse, the ever reliable beetroot from , and some divine Sharps Express, surely the finest of the first early spuds, I would weep. Come to think of it my tomatoes, this year John Baer, Supermarmande, Brandywine, Sungold, Pantano and Large Red Cherry, look splendidly healthy. At least I haven’t had to water them. But there’s still a long way to go, and who knows what disasters lie ahead? Aim arming for the worst.
Late Extra. Blackly have invaded the broad beans. It’s war now.

One thought on “Report from the veg patch war zone

  1. You are not alone. My two sowings of carrots have failed miserably. Spring Onions are good. Hope the farmers have had some success with the carrots !

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