Diet of Worms

I knew it was a mistake as soon as I said it. ‘Dieting,’ I said to my companions, settling down for a spot of business at Zedel. ‘I’m on a diet.’
Well, not so much a diet as an intake reduction program. Less of everything. It’s not about losing weight. I’m as fat as a man needs to be, as my wise daughter said to me long ago. No, I just need to tone up my corporeal essence. Get back a touch of fitness. So no drink for me.
What? Ok. One glass of beer. Just the one. In need of rehydration. Is that a pichet of rose? Oh, I think so. It’s a day for rose.
And for a salad, frise with lardons. And a piece of bread.
Then blanquette de veau, with an ile flottante to finish. Mostly air, isn’t it?
And then I made a fatal error. All right,not so much fatal as misguided. I helped myself to a teaspoon of James Steen’s creme brûlée. By way of quality control, you understand. It was hardly into my mouth when he said ‘I like your idea of a diet.’
‘Research,’ I said crisply.
‘Of course,’ he said, giving me an old fashioned look.
Later I received an email from him. ‘I hope you’re going to blog about your diet,’ it read.
So I have.
Before he does.

3 thoughts on “Diet of Worms

  1. Matthew, this is really helpful advice for those of us who want to lose weight. Do you think you could post your diet on a daily basis so that your blog fans can follow it? Specifics would be most useful. For instance, precisely how many glasses of rose wine and bottles of beer should we have at lunchtime? Also, was your veal served with a sauce and, if so, what were its ingredients? Low in calories, I assume.

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