Fort on Forton

Lancaster Service Station, formerly known as Forton, has just been listed as a Grade II building by English Heritage. What took them so long? It was a classic from the day it opened in 1965. I know because I was one of its earliest and most regular customers. I was doing time at Lancaster University […]

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Simpson’s Tavern

It’s always a pleasure to catch up with an old friend, particularly when you find they’ve hardly changed in, oooo, it must be forty years or so. Simpson’s Tavern, aka Simpson’s of Cornhill is one of the places to which various friends of mine, who had gone into that Slough of Despond, The City, and […]

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Lost World; England 1933-1936 by Dorothy Hartley

‘Every real boy ought to be able to skin or pluck, and dress his own meat, and be able to make some sort of bread that is wholesome and satisfying to eat with it.’ Absolutely. Every boy and every girl. Ah me, those were the days. I came across this splendid sentence on Lost World; […]

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