Notes on Roasting Turkey

I have provided various alternatives . My preferred option is the 9-hour version,. This may seem perverse to some, but it always produces a magnificently succulent and juicy result, and is as easy as pie once you’ve grasped the principle of bringing the bird to the critical temperature between 62-65C throughout. This keeps all the […]

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Christmas Day

Obviously, the timing for some of this will depend on when you plan to eat. I have assumed a 1.30 call to the table. If you want eat later, just adjust the times accordingly. I have put the timings, temperatures etc for roasting turkey into a separate blog. 7.35 Send children packing. Haul self out […]

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Christmas Eve Checklist

Make sure you’ve got a pan big enough to hold the turkey Make sure you can get the turkey into the oven Have you got enough foil to cover it? Check timings for cooking turkey ( see below) Check you have enough plates. Check you have enough serving dishes (for brussel sprouts, roast potatoes, roast […]

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