Christmas Eve Checklist

Make sure you’ve got a pan big enough to hold the turkey
Make sure you can get the turkey into the oven
Have you got enough foil to cover it?
Check timings for cooking turkey ( see below)
Check you have enough plates.
Check you have enough serving dishes (for brussel sprouts, roast potatoes, roast parsnips, stuffing)
Lay in liver/hangover treatments
Make brandy butter
Get 5p/10p/20p coins for Christmas Pud (remember Mr Osborne’s prudent principles; no 50p coins)
Collect cheese
Buy chocolates
Make/buy cranberry sauce
Prepare alternative to Christmas pudding
Remember who’s gone vegetarian since last Christmas. Make sure you have ingredients for said dishes. Chocolate sardines will not do.
Check the booze supply
Calculate probable calorific intake.
Calculate post-Xmas action plan to cope with excess.
Make plans to off-load unused food items and unwanted presents
Check supplies of : eggs, milk, butter, creams, lemons, limes, clementines, ginger, fennel, celeriac, potatoies, onions, carrots, celery, chickory, salad thimgs, pulses, frozen peas and lavatory paper.
Take turkey out of fridge. Remove wishbone
Take mince pies out of freezer
Line up bottles of wine. Count them. Feel pleased.
Put fizz into fridge
Make sure you’ve got 3 pairs of oven gloves
Make stock
Take stock.
Pour glass of nerve tonic. Contemplate the morrow.
Panic. Pour second glass of nerve tonic.
Sink into profound depression
Go to bed.

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