Metamorphosis (temporary)

Dear Faithful Followers of this blog,

I will not be continuing this blog as such for the time being. As some of you may be aware, I have embarked on a 6-month odyssey around the Italian islands. I have created another blog,, in which to record the course of this splendid adventure, its high points and low points, impressions of people, places, and, of course, foods.

This blog already exists, and so you can log onto it, if you have a mind to do so, and even become as faithful follower of it as you have of fortonfood. Should you do so, you will be rewarded with rather more regular fare than I’m afraid I supplied you with here.

I very much hope you will join me on this voyage of discovery and indulgence. Today I’m off the the first of the islands proper, Gorgona, which manages to be a nature reserve, a prison and a winery. Curious.

A presto


4 thoughts on “Metamorphosis (temporary)

  1. Dear Matt,

    All your readers are zooming straight over to your new blog. Well, to be precise, I will be as soon as I’ve finished watering your plants and Dave says he looked last night.

    By the way, Brenda says she’s tried cancelling the milk but dairy crest say due to data protection only you can leave a note. Do you like yoghurt? Only it’s going to be a warm summer “they” say. I will put what I can in the fridge but your front room does get warm and the folk downstairs are complaining they can’t get their prams past all the bottles. I will close the curtains and keep my fingers crossed.

    Everyone at the Red Lion sends their best. Except Harry. I don’t think that’s personal, he can’t find his teeth. Again.

    Someone called Prune keeps ringing the phone on the landing. She says you still owe her a fiver for your bus fare from Pauls British Man Up?! I said she might reach you at Skegness or Minehead. I gave her the dates.

    We are both very proud of you. And hope that “Oliver” is behaving himself!

    Happy travels,


  2. It may be just too early on a Sat morning but I can’t see a way of following your new blog … no ‘Follow Blog’ button … and I’d very much like to, having just read its posts. What a wonderful few months you have ahead of you. I am very envious but would like to console myself by reading of your adventures!

  3. I am a faithful follower and now will transplant myself over to your other receptacle of information and lovely food musings. Enjoy the nature reserve/prison/winery – what a heady combination. Sophie

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