After a break of, ooo, about four years, I’ve decided to bring Fort on Food back to life. The previous incarnation was laid to rest when I went off in 2014 to explore the islands of Italy, writing a blog about island hopping as I went.

The journey took a little longer than anticipated, and then  I had to write the book, which also took a little longer than anticipated, as books tend to do.* When I’d finished all of that, I went back to take a look at Fort on Food, and couldn’t think of anything new to say.  Maybe I was written out by then.

Anyway, roll on a year or so, and I’ve started to feel literary stirrings again. Perhaps this is the consequence  of a trek I made with three friends along the Herbert River Gorge in Queensland, Australia, during which I stared into the abyss of physical collapse. I lost a stone in six days (a stone, most of my friends and family felt,  I could well do without), jousted with crocodiles, properly deadly snakes and wild cattle,  and lived off muesli, condensed milk, Gatorade and 3-minute Asian-style noodles, a salutary lesson for someone who has dedicated his life to gastronomic indulgence.

Whatever the reasons, here we go again. I’ll write as an when I have something I want to sound off about. As before, I ask your indulgence for misspellings, typos, grammatical aberrations and other hiccups. It was ever thus. ‘Carelessness spoils his work’ my school reports used to say. ‘He must learn to pay more attention to detail.’ I try. Heaven knows I try, but no matter how many times I read and re-read my words, some fearful lapse always sneak through. I hope they won’t get in the way of your curiosity.


*The curious might like to read Summer in the Islands published by Unbound Books and available for £14.99  at intelligent bookshops and at Amazon, Google Books, etc etc,  a snip at £10.99.

7 thoughts on “Resurrection

  1. Welcome back. As Winston Churchill said about the Queens wedding ‘A flash of colour on the hard road we travel’. Never more true and all the better after a good lunch.

  2. Welcome back, I always saw your occasional spelling lapses as continuing the Guardians proud tradition. Where else can you get a review of Doris Gudenov.

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