Another shrewd observation from the omniscient Gerry Danby

‘I should have added that while the exclusion of mechanically separated meat is an EU requirement arising from the definition of ‘meat’, the rest are all entirely domestic and nothing to do with the EU. We could always have had higher standards had we so chosen.’

I’m particularly taken with his wry final sentence. If there’s one bone I have to pick with the EU commissioners, it is their failure to force higher sausage standards on the UK. But, like our shite chocolate, I guess we like it that way.

It may be time to give sausages a break, but I will return in a more constructive frame of mind in the future.


One thought on “THE SAUSAGE & ME (PART 2; ADDENDUM B)

  1. Quite right. There is a lot to be said for a well made British Banger. However, at the bottom of the price range (especially the notorious “catering sausage”) there is almost a free for all. The trouble is that the food manufacturing and retail industry in the UK are a very powerful lobby. After Brexit, we may only be able to export reasonably high standard products but deregulation at home will gather pace and strength and drag down our domestic standards.

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