I’m a bit of a stickler when it comes to breakfast. At this time of year a soft boiled egg, soldiers with butter, a second bit of toast for jam, coffee and orange juice made with the last of the Tarocco blood oranges from Sicily usually help shoehorn me into the whirling maelstrom of daily life.But just occasionally I run into an alternative that forces me to confront the habits of decades. I came across one such the other day.

I was staying with Graham and Karyn, two of the kindest, most hospitable people you could wish to call friends. Graham was determined to introduce me to a revolutionary new breakfast in the interests of health, so he said. His personal trainer assured him was a healthy, high protein fix, and, said Graham, it would help turn my body from the rather expansive temple it has become into a beautifully proportioned small parish church. To be honest, I rather doubt that any regime will achieve the latter, but it was surprisingly delicious.

For 1 person

1 slice wholemeal bread
1 tin of sardines in oil
I egg
Jalapeño Tabasco sauce (or lemon juice at a pinch)
A few flakes of chilli
Salt & pepper

Toast the bread. Mash the sardines. Fry the egg. Spread the mashed sardines on the toast. Splash with as many dashes of Jalapeño Tabasco (or lemon juice) as you fancy – the citrus tang livens up the sardines no end. Place the fried egg on top. Sprinkle with chilli flakes. Salt and plenty of black pepper. Tuck in. That’s your breakfast. I suggest tea rather than coffee to wash it down.



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