It’s been a tricky year growing veg of any kind, what with the absence of rain and all. At least the drought has spared us veg growers the usual plague of slugs and snails. But it did nothing to protect my broad beans from black fly that mullahed the lot of them while my back was turned while travelling.

Anyway, my search for the finest – ie tastiest – of whatever I grow goes on. As you can tell from the photo above, I’m not interested in productivity or looks, just flavour. My garden is not large, and so the number of different varieties of any one vegetable are rather limited. This year I’ve grown three carrots – Jaune de Doubes, Manchester, and James Scarlet Intermediate, a Victorian variety and an old favourite of mine.

Here are my tasting notes:


James Scarlet Intermediate (top) – dense; dull; muted.

Manchester (middle)- dense;  fresh; light; salt lifts the flavour.

Jaune de Doubes (bottom) – good crunch; fine fresh flavour; almost perfumed



James Scarlet Intermediate (top) – mellow; fruity; meaty note; sweet.

Manchester (middle) – dull; slightly pappy

Jaune de Doubes (bottom) – distinctive; flowery, slightly sweet;


So Jaune de Doubes and JSI will be sown again to next year.



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