In one direction my office looks out of my pear tree.It is not a thing of beauty in itself, but its fruits are. It’s quiet bowed down by them.  Doyenne du Comice, universally acknowledged by right thinking people as the finest of all pears. Their flesh is like ivory. Peeled, it glistens with juices that have the perfume of jasmine and flavour of Arcadia. Ok, their not quiet ready yet, but any moment now…..

One thought on “PLUPERFECT PEAR

  1. Hi Matt
    You probably know this already, but if not, remove that leaf with the orange blob on it (and any others like it), before the scary looking canker underneath sprouts and releases its spores. If you can stop the spores spreading to a nearby juniper, where they apparently overwinter, you can hopefully stop the nastiness from returning. Your pears look a lot healthier than ours this year, however.

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