The other day I heard someone reprehending someone else for ‘cutting cheese the wrong way’. Of all the pointless bits of gastro-snobbery, this pretty much takes the biscuit. Go on-line, and of course, there’s all kinds of sites proclaiming that there’s a right way to cut cheese. https://www.paxtonandwhitfield.co.uk/how-to-cut-cheese gives instructions for seven different kinds of cheese. The Huffington Post gets in on the act (why should I pay attention to the Huffington Post on cheese etiquette?) There’s aladyinfrance.com instructing us how to cut brie. And www.foodandwine.com, and US websites and YouTube videos beyond number hectoring cheese eaters in gentle but adamant terms.

Well, phooey to the lot of them. There isn’t a right way or a wrong way. Just cut the cheese anyway you feel like. Lop of the nose, dig in a spoon, shave off a wedge, whatever. Just get on with it.  The only sin that I can see is keeping the person next to you at the table waiting for their chance to tuck in.


PS I prefer to eat cheese before pudding because I like ending a meal on a sweet note. Just personal preference. But I’m not a snob about it.

One thought on “HARD CHEESE

  1. Greetings. Thanks for bringing joy to the food world.

    However, “cutting the nose” surely potentially deprives one’s fellow-diners of experiencing the range of ripenesses in a piece of cheese? It’s not “wrong, just inconsiderate, which is worse in my book.

    Be well, stay wise.

    And thanks.

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