Hang on  a sec. What’s going on here? Imitation maybe the sincerest form of flattery and all that, but, really,

First Jamie Oliver, in his latest series, Jamie Cooks Italy, hops on a Vespa with his buddy, Genaro Contaldo, and whizzes around the place, cooking up storm as they go. How original, I thought with just a touch of sarcasm.  At least Jamie had ridden a scooter in his laddish days, in  The Naked Chef.

But then over the weekend, I heard that Gordon Ramsay, Gino d’Acampo and Fred Sierieix are taking Vespas to the streets of Naples.  This is going too far.

Do I have to remind the world that exploring Italy on a Vespa was my idea. By miles. Eating Up Italy, recounting the first of my Vespa voyages chomping from Melito di Porto Salvo in Calabria to Turin, came out in 2004. 2004!  The was followed by two further volumes of Vespa voyages, Sweet Honey, Bitter Lemons about exploring Sicily on a Vespa,  in 2008 and  Summer in the Islands in 2017.

Back to your camper vans, Jamie, Gordon, Gino and Fred, and leave Vespering to true Vespistas.




7 thoughts on “VESPISTAS

  1. Be fair, Matthew, Gordon Ramsey does have form in this. In 1997, for a Bike magazine article, he and journalist Mick Phillips rode a Ducati 748 and a Honda VTR1000 respectively, visiting a transport cafe, a roadside caravan and a food trailer in the Cotswolds, to assesses the fry-ups and bacon sarnies.

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