I’m fed up with every photo of food on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and elsewhere looking so bloody perfect. Perfectly plated, perfectly photographed, perfectly perfect. You’d never think that a human being had been anywhere near the dish or ingredient to do anything is vulgar as actually cook or  eat it.

As my own  modest counter balance to the rage for arid perfection, I’m going to post photos of plates of food that people have actually tucked onto, deconstructed in the process of chomping them down.

First, the remains of a roast chicken.



I’m not claiming that’s beautiful, but at least it looks as if someone has actually eaten the damn thing.

3 thoughts on “GOOD TASTE, BAD TASTE

  1. Couldn’t agree more. My own blog is full of ‘bad’ photos – i.e. photos of food that has not been shushed up because, guess what, people are sitting at the table waiting to eat it and don’t want it to get cold.. There is a saying in Italian that eye-candy is important (“anche l’occhio vuole la sua parte” – the eye too wants its share) but I think that instagram-food has gone a bit over the top, and now find it a trifle annoying.

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