Intemperance League

A kind friend alerted me to the delights of Jonathan Meades’ splenetic meditation in the Observer on 21st October on Stephen Poole’s equally splenetic book You Aren’t What You Eat. Both book and review make for splendid reading, Jonathan Meades doesn’t simply endorse Stephen Poole’s general contention that our interest and appreciation of food has […]

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Steaking a claim

I have been shamefully neglectful of my blog recently, and I apologize profusely to my dedicated readers. It’s not that I haven’t had plenty to write about. Too much if anything. It’s just that I’ve been having such a splendid time – holidaying successively in France, Italy and Greece; hosting the Liverpool Food Festival Awards; […]

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It’s the final insult this sodding, sodden summer can hurl at me. I’ve just discovered that my tomatoes, of which I had high hopes, have got blight. On the day before I go on hols. There is nothing to be done. Except hurl imprecations at the bloody weather. And circumstance. And myself for not spraying […]

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Clitheroe Food Festival

Clitheroe, with its castle and its River Ribble and its history. It’s always been a contrary part of the world, around here. Non-conformity marks it out. It was Catholic when the rest of the country was Protestant, and Protestant when the rest of the country was Catholics. Quakers, Methodists, Congregationalists, Unionists, Socialists and the Co-Op […]

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Proper Books

Tom Parker Bowles is a friend. I like the chap. He’s passionate and knowledgeable. He has a mellifluous way with words on the page. Even rarer among food writers, he knows what a story is. He’s very good company. And he believes that lunch is always better for another bottle, and very possibly one or […]

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Diet of Worms

I knew it was a mistake as soon as I said it. ‘Dieting,’ I said to my companions, settling down for a spot of business at Zedel. ‘I’m on a diet.’ Well, not so much a diet as an intake reduction program. Less of everything. It’s not about losing weight. I’m as fat as a […]

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Gormless Gove

It’s an absolutely classic government ploy. When you want to do nothing, call for a report. The Secretary of State for Education, Michael Gove, has called for Henry Dimbleby and John Vincent, the founders of Leon, the chain of healthy eateries, to investigate the state of food in our schools. Let us put aside for […]

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