Crisp Bacon Rinds

Are the perfect nibble to have with a glass of chilled manzanilla. Make that two glasses. And chilled manzanilla is the perfect drink for a warm summer’s day. Assuming we ever get a summer’s day, of course.I am particularly fond of Hidalgo Pastrana Manzanilla Pasada.

First of all buy proper bacon that still has rind attached. Just cut off the bacon rind as and when and freeze it until yo have critical mass. Then pop it into an oven set at 180C/Gas 4 and cook until crisp, perhaps 10 minutes. Cool. Snap off, eat and then clean up with a sip of sherry. We used to eat this before lunch on Sunday when I was young. In those days I washed the crisp rinds down with Dragon’s Blood, a cocktail made of orange juice and green vegetable dye, because everyone knows that the blood of a dragon is green. The grown ups drank martinis made in a jug with a glass core which was filled with ide, so that melting ice did not contaminate the martini.

You can, of course, crisp up very thin slices of pig skin the same way, or treat yourself to a packet of Mr Trotter’s Great British Pork Crackling. That is a shameless piece of self-interested promotion.

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